Choose and note your favorite location from the map below. Depending on weather and experience, a different location could be chosen for your safety.  When you arrive at any launching location, just park your car and look for us by the water.  An attendant will be waiting for you. Your kayak or SUP Board will be ready and waiting for a great time on the water.  Each fishing location offers basic amenities and a wonderful experience for fishing or sightseeing. We encourage our kayakers to relax and enjoy the beautiful water and wildlife.  You can add extra time to any purchased trip. However, all kayaks and SUP must be back by 4:30 p.m. Please schedule your return accordingly.

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Rental Guidelines

  • Renters must show a valid government-issued photo ID at pickup and be 18 years old or older with a valid major credit card.
  • You will review and sign the release of liability agreement (waiver) for full rental terms and conditions at the time of your pickup.
  • No children under 12 years old.
  • Weather permitting only at Fishing Kayak Adventures discretion. If weather is an issue, a full refund will be provided or reschedule your rental for the next available date.
  • All small pets are welcome on our kayaks our SUP Boards
  • You can buy your one day Florida fishing license for 17$ — Florida Fishing License Sales

Kayak and SUP Board Specifications

Vibe Kayak Shearwater 125
Occupancy: 1 Person
Kayak Length: 12’6” feet
Kayak Width: 35 inches
Kayak Weight: 77 pounds
Weight Limit: 450 pounds
Bounce SUP Boards
Occupancy: 1 Persons
Board Length: 11’4” inches
Board Width: 32”
Board Weight: 33 pounds
Weight Limit: 250 pounds

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